A road without an end...

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A road without an end...

Post  Guest on Mon Dec 21, 2009 10:58 am

I've been looking in some things and trying out some stuff and I came to the constatation that the server stats need a long way of programming. For the stats, I need to learn XML and PHP with maybe a bit of C#.
Guys, I definitly want to succeed in this, but I fear I can't learn all this in a snap.
Learning XML won't cost much time, give me 3 days, then PHP, I estimate that on 1 week for the pure basics. And for C#, I would need to look into some more specific XML and PHP communication, what takes a few more weeks to find out. Since I only have 2 weeks of vacation, I fear this is not going to work out. I can't see an end of the long road we will need to go trough. Luckely I got Wired as great help with the site, but for the stats idk it anymore.
It's all getting too complex to handle on a short time. KiWidoggie has learnt me to memory hack for the servertool itself. Now, because my server is running on Vista, I need that memory hacking to get addresses for all the strings in the tool itself. But that... is just a first step.
Wired and me have been working with Flash and Dreaweaver CS4 to create a website. I'm convinced we will get the site itself done soon. But like I said before, done... without the stats pages (yet?).
Anyhow, if you guys would like it, I will just open up the server so you can play there, without lag. (It can only run on 26 december or later because of the ethernet cable adapter that is coming on christmas.)
But, nothing is over yet, if I somehow find a way to do this, no problems, but yeah, at the moment I feel like I tried and failed to reach it. Fairytale gone bad... Sorry.



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Re: A road without an end...

Post  UF Randy on Fri Jan 08, 2010 11:53 pm

You are doing the best you can! It is all you can do mate.
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