3rd Lesson In SE Phones (Setting up your computer)

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3rd Lesson In SE Phones (Setting up your computer)

Post  Guest on Tue Nov 10, 2009 1:07 pm

Ok. This lesson will be short because you will probably need my help for this. I will post where to get the files to do it. I will also post my MSN account then you can add me so i can walk you through it.
Some computers read the phone the right way without flashing some don't so this lesson isn't really important. I will post a guide to show how its done but I had to have someone walk me through it.
here is a full walkthrough of flashing your USB drivers. If don't want me to walk you through it you need to follow this EXACTLY as it says.
As it says in the walkthrough, THIS CAN SCREW UP YOUR COMPUTER, DO AT YOUR OWN RISK.
and my MSN is Oosmus


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