1st Lesson in SE Phones (Finding Your Firmwire)

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1st Lesson in SE Phones (Finding Your Firmwire)

Post  Guest on Sun Nov 08, 2009 9:33 am

Firmwire is what makes the phone work. You have to know what your CID is and EROM version and color and most of all is your platform.
1. Download this program called XS++, I think this may be the one for you Xorax (mine will be different because it is a CID53 which means it is the most up to date HARD DRIVE so it is harder to mod)
2. You need to find your old computer cable to your phone (DUH) and put the computer end in the computer end (again DUH) DO NOT PLUG YOUR PHONE IN YET.
3. Save everything you want to save now from your phone. Remove your SIM card and hold the C button on your phone then plug it into the computer (KEEP THE C BUTTON PRESSED) and you should get a picture like this off of XS++.

Next lesson will be posted with this and it is finding the different firmwire for your phone


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