C# - Introduction

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C# - Introduction

Post  Guest on Wed Nov 04, 2009 1:23 pm

C# or C Sharp is a quite advanced programming language.

The easiest way to work with C# code is by downloading Visual C# 2008 Express Edition. It's a free Visual Studio program where you can put up your code and relate it to objects, remember C Sharp is an objectorientated program.
However, you can program in Notepad too. This only requires that you know about the graphical side of C Sharp too.

In Visual C#, you can place your objects in your so called Form. The Form is the actual panel, or window, you will see when you execute the .exe file that your program will be.

For example, your internet browser - if you have IE - is one big Form. It exists out of some navigation buttons, a few tabpages, etc. The site you are looking at is actually just a viewport in your program that translates the script of the site into a visual and interactive "medium".

Visual C# makes it easy to bind code to your buttons and you don't have to think about graphical coding, because that's included in the object-oriented programming program.
So, this is actually "a program to make another program".

In the following topics we will take a closer look at Visual C# 2008 Express.


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