What is a program?

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What is a program?

Post  Guest on Sat Oct 31, 2009 4:34 am

As most of us know, a computer or anyother machine is runned by several programs. Now, what is a program?

A program, is a thing that can be executed in your pc environment. For Microsoft it is the .NET environment.

".NET" is called the applicationframework. It helps running all registries, apps, data access, connectivity between all those, etc.

Hole this .NET environment is based on a few languages, like C# (C Sharp), C++, J# (J Sharp), VB.NET (Visual Basic dot NET), etc.

Now, to make clear what a language is I'll make schedule.

For example we are using C++ language to make a program. In the next schedule it shows how the code of C++ will reach the binairy system (010101001011101...) of the pc.

C++ Code => C++ Compiler => CIL (Common Intermeddiate Language) => CLR (Common Language Runtime)

So, the code will be compiled, then brought back to a common language which understands all the .NET languages, and then transformed into CLR which will put the code into machine language (binairy code).

That's how you see the apps on your screen.


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